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ristorante villani

Good cuisine, an endless variety of excellent dishes and appetizers, and designer chairs: the “Ristorante in Cascina con Salumi Villani” of the Civil Society Pavilion will offer high-quality cooking in a context where even design has an eye on the territory, the local artisan tradition, and dialogue with the younger generations. The restaurant chairs are made by over 22 different Italian companies, which have reinterpreted in a multitude of versions a design by Mario Alessiani, an interior designer from Teramo born in 1989. His amazing chair, named RJR, won the #100differentcopies contest for designers under 35 promoted by Slow/d and CNA Emilia Romagna , and will be reproduced in a variety of replicas to fit out the restaurant. In addition to the restaurant with its 150 square metre terrace, the food area of Cascina Triulza also includes a bar and luncheonette with an indoor and an outdoor space.