Mobility Center - Disability Info "Expofacile"

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Mobility Center - Disability Info "Expofacile"
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Mobility Service 17 Maggio

At Cascina Triulza Info Point is possibile to have all the infos needed to visit at the best the Civil Society Pavilion. Infos about turistic accessibility of Milan and Lombardy area will be also available at the same point (hospitality, cultural interest places, mobility and turistic itineraries).

The space provides infos about accessibility in the Expo site and initiatives targeted at people with disabilities by hosting two services:

  • the Info disabilità Expofacile, the Lombardy Region infopoint dedicated to visitors with disabilities or specific needs. 
  • From May, 16th, Mobility Center: the booking service for hire electric scooters and wheelchairs  for people with disabilities. Mobility Center also offers a repair shop. For more information: multilingual number (ITA, ENG, FRA); +393665854669Email:; Site for booking online
  • Info Point provides infos about scooter or wheelchair models, rental prices and it makes contacts with the Mobility Center for delivery.