Visit the welcoming and unique spaces of the Cascina

Cascina Triulza is the first Pavilion dedicated to Civil Society in the history of Universal Expositions. The Pavilion's location is a traditional Lombard rural building, part of the significant historical, architectural and environmental heritage formed by the "cascine" (farmhouses) of the Milan province: a system of places originally dedicated to farming, food and dwelling, the vital aspects of social life in these territories.

With a total surface area of 7,900 square metres, Cascina Triulza is one of the largest exhibition areas of Expo Milano 2015 and is situated in an enviable position about 700 metres from the west access, which is the main entrance to the exhibition site.

Entirely renovated by Expo 2015 SpA, Cascina Triulza is designed to be not only a place rich in identity, but also a workshop where the Third Sector organizations will continue to work on issues like sustainability and social innovation even after the closing of Expo 2015.

Cascina Triulza is a place with a strong identity, conceived to facilitate participation, discussion and relationships. It is also one of the Pavilions that offer the most space to families, with two areas dedicated to children, a picnic area and a large open courtyard.