Word in the cage

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Often  words, as Carlo Levi said in his famous book “WORDS ARE STONES” , if misused can represent a real stoning. With the project "Word in The cage" we want to free the words from the stereotypes and inappropriate meanings which make them inaccessible to the minorities. Through  cultural work we can, maybe, give to the chosen six words, the freedom to be universal and reduce the damages that especially in adolescents can cause serious eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia.




The Agedo ( Association of parents with homosexual sons and daughters) was founded 20 years ago in Milan as an association of mutual support by parents with gay sons and daughters. Agedo started by communicating with parents, who had found out about the homosexuality of their sons and daughters. The founders, who, having had to deal with their own homophobia as well that of others, were able to discover that diversity enriches life. As Agedo developed over the years it joined forces with other associations nationwide. It has signed memoranda of understanding with various ministries from Equal Opportunity, Education and Interior departments. It has expanded throughout the nation with offices and various independent support groups. It was nominated and awarded the prestigious Ambrogino Gold. It has produced two documentaries ‘Nessuno Uguale' (No one is the same) and Due Volte Genitori (Twice Parents) with the latest receiving awards at several festivals. Today Agedo is at the forefront of the struggle for Equal Rights. It ensures that the rights of our sons and daughters are not denied. In doing so Agedo will break down the ignorance that keeps up this terrible homophobic culture.