Towards a new development: the values of the territory, people, social inclusion

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"It is the first Expo with a pavilion dedicated to the civil society and we are here because we believe that everyone should do his part to build a better world. Just think that in the next ten years, the gap between supply and demand for food will be aggravated by 20%. We cannot tolerate that women, men and even more children, yet in many countries around the world die of hunger. A Expo in Cascina Triulza Confcooperative bring the values ​​of the territory, of the person, of social inclusion", says Maurizio Gardini - president of Confcooperative - explaining the presence of this organization and the cooperative sector in Cascina Triulza which Confcooperative is one of the official sponsors.



Confcooperative is the leading association representing cooperatives in Italy, with 20,000 companies employing 550,000 people, with a turnover  of 62 billion Euros. Our cooperatives work in the agribusiness, welfare, credit, employment, housing and utilities, with more than 3.270.000 members.

People before capital: in Expo Milano 2015 Confcooperative, in collaboration with Italian and international organizations and institutions, will be present for six months with 20 conferences and 23 thematic weeks that aim to enhance the cooperative model, in every sphere of activity .