Together we build the mosque of Milan-Sesto

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Centro Culturale Islamico (1)

The goals of the Islamic Cultural Center:

  • 1 Spread the knowledge of Islam and the values ​​of its civilization and Islamic culture.
  • 2 Form the Islamic personality; preserve Islamic identity that carries his duties of citizenship correctly in Italian society.
  • 3 Realising the role of Muslims in taking on positive actions in Italian society to solve the problems and involve positively.
  • 4 Taking care of the family as a fundamental component of the society, provide special care to children and young people, realize the role of women in human equality between man and woman in view of the completion of the natural and mutual respect.
  • 5 Expanding horizons of dialogue, openness and civic and cultural encounter between religions, civilizations and different lines of thought on the basis of understanding and respect,
  • 6 The commitment that Italy is one of the connecting bridges between Europe and the Islamic world in the realization of mutual interest, the constructive cooperation and social peace.


Centro culturale islamico Sesto San Giovanni

A Cutural center at the service of his community , a project that is always trying to improve.