The Society of Saint Vincent feeds the planet

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San Vincenzo de Paoli

The The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul aims at spreading its activities concerning nutrition to visitors. Nutrition is meant not only as food and beverages, but also as every basic need. Water and bread, but dignity and life itself, too.




Federazione Nazionale Società di San Vincenzo dé Paoli

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul is a worldwide charity organization, at the service of poor people since 200 years. It is formed by catholic laymen and is present in 148 Countries with more than 750.000 associates. The general seat is Paris. The Society currently helps more than 30 million people in distress.

The chief seat in Italy is Rome, being present in all districts with 1.347 Conferences, spontaneous groups of persons established mainly in parochial locations, referring to a local Central Council of coordination. The main mission of the Society is to help in both ways, material-financial and moral-cultural, all frailest individuals:  poor people, sick persons, strangers and ex-imprisoned, lonely elderly people.

In many Countries the Society runs meals distributions to poor people, workhouses and dormitories. Special departments of the Society take care of imprisoned people and of initiatives in support of underdeveloped Countries.