Innovative portable device powered by a solar panel

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Sun4Water is an innovative portable device powered by a solar panel. Sun4Water processes ~20 liters / hour of polluted freshwater into clean drinking water and delivers extra electricity to charge several mobile phones and LED lamps. One device serves ~50 people at a cost of €1 to €2 per person per year. 

Sun4Water has been realized with the cooperation of the NGOs: AMREF, AVSI, CAST, CUAMM Medici con l’Africa, LVIA, Mani Tese.


Fondazione Cariplo

Fondazione Cariplo is one of the main philanthropic organizations in Italy. The Foundation supports public benefit projects of nonprofit organizations by selecting grantees and projects under calls for proposals. Fondazione Cariplo’s area of focus are youth, wellbeing and community-based welfare. In 25 years the Foundation supported 30,000 projects with € 2,7 billion. Grantees and projects are focused on four areas:  Environment, Arts & Culture, Scientific Research, Human & Social Services.

Fondazione Cariplo is one of the main partners in Cascina Triulza – Civil Society Pavillon. Cascina Triulza, in collaboration with Triulza Foundation, will host a session of the Annual General Assembly (AGA) & Conference of the European Foundation Centre (EFC), based in Brussels, that is going to held in Milan during the six months of EXPO 2015. The Conference will provide a valuable opportunity for foundations to meet and engage with civil society and in particular with the Third Sector on issues critical to the development and the future of philanthropy.