Rice and laughter make life better

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In Italian "riso" means both "rice" and "laughter", so the event is created on the bais of a pun. Well known guests will help to discover features, properties and funny anecdotes about rice (as food, fabric, cosmetic) and will guide on the path of smiling. The "Laughter Lab" will be an interactive meeting to learn the art of laughter. Smiling and eating well are related to good health of the heart and the vascular system; to help people save their arteries, VAS and AMAVAS specialists will teach an innovative test that leads to a self diagnostic suspicion of a disease of the lower limb arteries (PAD).

It should be done for all over  50 years, but it is good to learn the method when young. In the evening "Jazz and magic" show with the crooner and illusionist Klaus Bellavitis.


AUSER Regionale Lombardia

Auser Lombardia (www.auser.lombardia.it) is a voluntary association that also deals with social development; it can count on 453 affiliated association and 80.000 members. It figures among the founders of the Triulza Foundation. Auser Lombardia is engaged in promoting Best Practices for Nutrition and Physical Activity, especially dedicated to elderly and fragile people.