where there is a need , there is a Lion

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Lions are known for the struggle to the blindness,all over the world, "Lions4expo wants to involve the visitors in the activities that the association conducts in the communities of the Countries in which it is present. The project has consisted in a series of kitchen traditional workshop with nutrizionists, cooks and cultural mediators. Lions Clubs International is a service club organization which has 1.4 million members in 46,000 Clubs in 209 countries.


Lions Clubs International

Lions Clubs International is a service club organization which has 1.4 million members in 46,000 Clubs in 209 countries. Founded in 1917, the Association is primarily known for fighting blindness through the international SightFirst Program developed in the poorest countries, which has helped millions of people. Today it has created a campaign for the elimination of measles with 150 million vaccinations administered so far.

The Lions are dedicated to volunteering in several community projects: the protection of the environment, providing practical services in the community and relief for natural disasters in cases of emergency, combating hunger and thirst, striving to improve the health of children and adults around the world, and care for elderly and disabled people. Helping out young people, the Lions also support children and local schools through scholarships and educational literacy programs; the Leo Program provides the occasion for personal development through volunteering opportunities for young people.

Throughout the world there are approximately 150,000 Leos. The Lions bring help and support and their strength lies in their dual nature: local, to serve the specific needs of the communities in which they live, but also global, to meet the challenges that transcend national boundaries.