“Let’s put the mouth on it”

How the food can facilitate and promote civic activism and protagonism

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We will act according to 2 aspects: 

  1. awareness on healthy lifestyle
  2. fight against waste 

The first one will focus on the circular link between food, health and environment; the second one will be connected to “Waste K.O.” campaign organized by Cittadinanzattiva. 

The subjects will be: 

  1. Food & community – public catering 
  2. Food & security – conscious choice and food safety 
  3. Food & family – eating at home, rituals and the “culture” of meal 
  4. Food & health – well-being and primary prevention, proper nutrition 






Cittadinanzattiva (Active citizenship) is an Italian non-profit organization founded in 1978. It is independent from political parties, trade unions, private companies and public institutions. It is recognized as a consumer organization since 2000.