I defy hunger

Women Vs Hunger

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I defy hunger. Women Vs Hunger this is the title of the events which Oxfam Italy presents at Civil Society Pavilion - Cascina Triulza. A public campaign launched last April 26th, aimed to mobilize people against hunger. Oxfam leads in Expo2015 different kind of events: musical performances, with a repertoire of spirituals and worksongs usually sung at work in the fields, theater and showcooking inspired by the principles of the Grow campaign, conferences and workshops on the work and projects of the organization.



Oxfam is an international confederation of 17 organizations working together with partners and local communities in more than 90 countries to change the world by mobilizing the power of people against poverty. Oxfam works to find practical, innovative ways for people to lift themselves out of poverty and thriveWe save lives and help rebuild livelihoods when crisis strikes. And we campaign so that the voices of the poor influence the local and global decisions that affect them.