From Waste to Resource

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I Provenzali Saponi Cosmetici Naturali

How to produce 100% Natural Cosmetics without damaging precious food resources? This is the question that gave birth to the project "From Waste to Resource", that is the purpose of the company to continue to offer 100% natural cosmetics, without using raw materials needed for the food sector and therefore depriving humanity of valuable natural resources to feed and protect the planet.


Saponificio Gianasso S.r.l.

The Brand 

It was the early sixties when Saponificio Gianasso was born in Liguria, a land full of olive trees and ports, starting with the first productions of the vegetable coconut and olive oils Handmade Soap.

In 1998, was founded the public face of the company: I Provenzali. The brand philosophy has always been to offer Natural and Ecological Cosmetics and to enhance the handcraftwordrefe identity; make it inexpensive the high quality cosmetic to the people. That's how I Provenzali became the proposed reference in the italian retail market of natural cosmetic.

Saponificio Gianasso S.r.l. is technical sponsor of Cascina Triulza.