Feed the change. Change the way to feed

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Feed the change. Change the way to feed” is a project that promotes healthy eating and good habits amongst immigrants  in Milan and District area. The objective is  the spread the concept of prevention amongst women - main care givers within the family - because healthy habits mean a healthy life. Thanks to the support of Nutritionists, Cooks and “Cultural Mediators”, the project involved a number of cooking workshops and seminars. Through the peer to peer education concept  LILT found women ambassadors belonging to each community and involved more than 400 families and about 2000 people.

This project includes a wide range of initiatives in Cascina Triulza, organized by LILT local section of Biella, Reggio Emilia, Treviso and Crotone.


Lega italiana per la Lotta contro i Tumori (LILT) - Provinciale di Milano

Established in 1948 in the wake of a strong culture of solidarity and health education, it operates in the province of Milan facing the cnacer’s problem in its globality through various services offered to the population in the prevention method, early diagnosis and assistance, supported by the aid of over 700 specially trained volunteers.

The Association, recognized by the Lombardy Region as a non-profit organization and social activity, is part of a Public Entity of the membership base that operates under the patronage of the Republic President.

The LILT primary objective is the prevention and the culture diffusion of early detection, through 17 Prevention Spaces. Prevention that develops 360 degrees, becoming even prevent the discomfort associated with the disease and thus servicing all the needs that emerge in favor of an emphasis on the patient life quality.