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Making sure that young people would participate in the Universal Exposition was, since the very beginning, one of the objectives of the Third Sector organizations that created Fondazione Triulza and the Cascina Triulza project. The Civil Society Pavilion, in collaboration with various partners, has launched tools and initiatives aimed at actively engaging young people in the activities and cultural programme of Cascina Triulza, including: 10 doctoral students, 20 young Civilian Service volunteers, 12 emerging artists or groups of artists, 80 under 35 designers from all over the world.


  • StartArtist, international Call for Emerging Artists Promoted in partnership with Etica Sgr, the call gives 12 emerging young artists or groups of artists the opportunity to play a leading role in at least 12 events of the artistic programme of Cascina Triulza. The emerging creativity of the new artists will express itself, alternately, on the stage, in the performing corner, in the digital gallery and in the auditorium. Participation is open to artists who operate in the fields of photography, painting, design, music, theatre and other performing arts, video production and other creative disciplines. Closing date: 30 July 2015.
  • 100different copies”, international Call for young designers. Launched by Fondazione Triulza in collaboration with Slow/d and CNA Emilia Romagna, the call received 80 entries from designers aged under 35 from all over the world. The winning project was RJR, a chair by designer Mario Alessiani (1989, Teramo). The award winning chair was produced in 100 different pieces by more than 30 Italian manufacturers. The chairs are part of the furniture of the “Ristorante in Cascina con Salumi Villani” (link to the restaurant) for the Civil Society Pavilion during the six months of Expo. Visitors can try the Pavilion's chairs and buy them through the open source web platform http://www.slowd.it/
  • Call for 10 young doctoral students, ambassadors of Cascina Triulza at AGA Milano 2015. The call has been promoted by Fondazione Triulza and Fondazione Cariplo, which is to co-organize the AGA Meeting (General Annual Assembly and Conference of European Foundations) in Milan from 20 to 22 May together with the European Foundation Centre (EFC). The task of the selected doctoral students will be to observe with competence and objectivity the significant moments of the discussion between the different European and North American charity foundations and of the cultural programme of the Civil Society Pavilion at Expo Milano 2015. Objectives: to analyze convergences and divergences on the needs expressed by the communities and territories; to propose different perspectives on the future development of Philanthropy and possible methods or sectors of intervention.
  • Civil Service extraordinary call. Promoted by the Department of Youth and by the National Civilian Service, the call allowed to enrol 140 Civilian Service volunteers to be employed in two projects within Expo Milano 2015. 50 volunteers are involved in the project named “Expo 2015: Civil Society participation and active citizenship”. 20 of these young people will participate in Cascina Triulza welcoming, communication and event organization activities and will come into direct contact with the Pavilion's themes, players and initiatives.