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From the inputs that emerged from the projects submitted by the organizations who participated in the different International Calls, seven main themes have been selected for the initiatives of the Cascina Triulza Cultural Programme.

Production and lifestyles for quality development.

Analysing the complex relationship between city and country and support urban agricultural systems. Raising consumer awareness as a way to empower people, helping them to achieve correct nutrition, widespread well-being and health.

Giving voice to the voiceless

Encouraging cooperation to development, fostering dialogue between peoples, implementing education to being citizens of the world.

The social responsibility of art.

Art and culture as drivers of development, change and innovation through shows, performances, exhibitions and a relationship between creativity and the places where it is expressed.

Creative, proactive young people.

Fulfilling the natural aspiration of the young to play a key role through engagement in volunteer work, the arts, culture and in general in all aspect of active citizenship.

Citizens as the custodians of the common goods.

Rethinking the role of citizens in the protection and enhancement of the cultural heritage, the promotion of the common good and the safeguard of the territory.

Learning to live together in local and global communities.

Communities as the basis of social coexistence; mutual recognition and solidarity as instruments for sustainable development; exchanges between territories as a new dimension, at once global and local, of human relationships.

Profit, non-profit, institutions: new alliances for the future.

Shared experiences and networking for new development models: a dialogue for the future between different sectors, aimed at freeing energies and resources for an equitable and sustainable development.