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Cascina Triulza hosts the exhibition space where the Territories, from individual Municipalities to territorial networks, can:

  • interact with the Expo international public to promote their excellence in tourism, culture, food and wine;
  • share good practices and enhance their ability to build territorial systems;
  • develop and interpret projects and proposals on the themes of common goods and sustainability, together with Civil Society organizations.

Territories and local bodies can participate through the following initiatives:

  • Presence in the Market, a place within Expo Milano 2015 where sustainable manufacturers and aware consumers meet. A space dedicated to farmers, cooperatives, responsible enterprises, businesses and territories that promote products and services mindful of quality, environment, traditions and human rights. Cascina Triulza Market Call. Closing date: October 2015.
  • Exploding your idea! Destination Expo Milano 2015”, the International Call promoted in collaboration with Expo 2015 S.p.A., which allows public institutions and Third Sector organizations from all over the world – also in partnership with businesses - to attend and to propose events, cultural activities, exhibitions, meetings and entertainment events to be included in the cultural programme of Cascina Triulza. 160 Civil Society players participated in the first two editions with 192 projects. Those who are interested can still be present at Cascina Triulza by participating in the third Call, scheduled to close in October 2015.

Another tool to promote the participation in Expo by Italian municipalities and territories was the Call “Idee in Comune – Destination Expo Milano 2015”, conceived by Fondazione Triulza together with Anci (the National Association of Italian Municipalities) for Expo.