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Socially Responsible Businesses

Being present at Cascina Triulza during Expo Milano 2015 means taking part in the first Pavilion dedicated to Civil Society in the history of Universal Expositions, and above all sharing the values and objectives of «Exploding Energies to Change the World» (link to mission page), which allowed Fondazione Triulza to win the management of the Pavilion.

For the sponsor organizations, the Civil Society Pavilion is an important opportunity to develop and strengthen their corporate identity, ethical principles and visibility by coming in contact with a large and diverse public of national and international visitors.

This is why Cascina Triulza is a privileged venue with partners who are qualified to give prominence to real life experiences and good practices on the themes of Expo 2015 and to start a collaboration among several parties able to promote projects for a sustainable future.

Enterprises' participation can take three different forms:

  • Presence in the Market, a place within Expo Milano 2015 where sustainable manufacturers and aware consumers meet. A space dedicated to farmers, cooperatives, responsible enterprises, businesses and territories that promote products and services mindful of quality, environment, traditions and human rights. Cascina Triulza Market Call. Closing date: October 2015. Documents can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.
  • Partnerships and Sponsorships to support the Pavilion's project or specific artistic, cultural and organizational activities. Businesses that adopt social responsibility principles can become official sponsors, area or product sponsors, technical or project sponsors. Find out who is already supporting the Civil Society Pavilion project. Those who are interested can still become sponsors or partners of Cascina Triulza. Documents can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.
  • Partnership with Civil Society organizations interested in participating to the cultural programme of Cascina Triulza.