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Social Value of Arts

Shows, exhibitions and music whith over 3000 artist

Cascina Triulza concludes six months of Universal Exposition with a day of shows, games and music to greet the event that has attracted at Milan 2015 million of visitors from the whole world. A great open party for all with so many activities of animation always careful to the contents and the values promoted, during these months by the Pavilion. This is the opportunity to inaugurate the future of the site, that becomes a Lab-hub for the social innovation.

The art and its social value, have been another great protagonist at Cascina Triulza.

From May to October in the court and on the stage of Cascina Triulza has been realized 152 artistic events with the involvement of over 3000 artists. Events organized by many associations of the Civil Society that have animated the Civil Society Pavilion, the Districts and the Territories of AnciperExpo. Foundation Triulza with Etica Sgr has make the Start Artist project, an international contest that has involved 12 artists or groups of emergent young artists.

Cascina Triulza has also given space to the design, 80 young designer under 35 years from the whole world have participated to the call "100 different copies", promoted before Expo 2015by Cascina Triulza in collaboration with Slow / d and CNA Emilia Romagna, to plan the chair for the restaurant of the Pavilion. The winner project, the RJR planned by Mario Alessiani of Teramo ( 1989) was produced in 100 samples from over 30 Italian artisan firms. The chairs will also belong to the furniture of Cascina Triulza after Expo 2015 and can be bought through the web site open source.

In perfect coherence with its values, Cascina Triulza has also involved authors of land art, through the international Call "Land Art in the Cascina" promoted in collaboration with the association Art at Cascina. Among 25 international projects, the winning work entitle "Leaf - the earth's breath" realized by the young artist Elena Milani. Now it is at Cascina Triulza while other four winning works are installed at neighboring parks to the site of Expo: Bosco WWF Wood of Vanzago, Bosco in città – Italia Nostra di Milano, Ticino Park and Lago Maggiore, Agrarian School of Monza Park .