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Request for private events

Several spaces are available in Cascina Triulza for private events. These events are not advertised or included in the Pavilion's schedule. Interested companies are invited to read carefully the Carter of Values of Cascina Triulza, reminding that the company profile is taken into consideration in the evaluation of the proposals.

Available spaces are:


190 seats equipped with technical devices.

Workshop Rooms

Two workshop rooms, with respectively 100 and 50 seats, which can be connected in a single room with 150 seats, and a workshop room with 70 seats. All the workshop rooms are equipped with technical devices.


The stage is located in the courtyard and is covered. It is available for artistic performances. The use of company brands is not allowed.

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For more informationa and to request a space for a private event please write to segreteria@cascina-triulza.org