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Promoting a coming together of the best “Energies to change the world”. The Theme Statement of Cascina Triulza, "Energies to change the world", intends to highlight the primary role of the civil sphere and recognize the extraordinary power to change generated every day, everywhere in the world, by the independent initiative of citizens, young people and representatives of the civil society. The aim of the Pavilion is to promote a coming together at Expo 2015 of all those “energies” willing to engage in the creation of a more equitable and sustainable future.

Giving voice to the voiceless. Cascina Triulza believes in the importance of speaking about the real life of those who, day after day, face the challenges of the contemporary world, like food and sustainability. We aim at seeking solutions through “bottom-up” processes, resulting from the remarkable self-organizing abilities of local communities.

Promoting conscious and shared protagonism. Fostering the best use of contributions from individuals, emphasizing, above all, the value of relationships between people, countries and communities. A strong focus is placed on themes like cooperation, voluntary work, ethical finance, participation in life and education to global citizenship.

Having, living, translating experiences. Representing and sharing virtuous practices, not only among specialists, but also through the involvement of visitors. Helping to disseminate model experiences of the global Civil Society, in particular with regard to issues like food safety and sovereignty, education, rights, lifestyles, green economy, sustainable mobility, enhancement of the territory, responsible tourism and social inclusion.

Communicating to build new alliances and development models. Improving dialogue, innovation in socioeconomic paradigms and the activation of inclusive decision-making processes as change-promoting actions. Fostering the discussion and the creation of new alliances among Civil Society organizations, institutions, businesses and key global decision-makers.

Promoting ethical values. Fondazione Triulza has established an Ethics Commission with the task to prepare a Charter of Values setting out the ethical and mission principles underpinning the management and activities carried out at Cascina Triulza: care for common goods, associative action, cooperation, social inclusion, fairness, solidarity, peace, respect of nature and biodiversity, rule of law, sustainable use of resources, transparency.