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The Market of Cascina Triulza

Producers in our market, October 27th to 31st

The City of Prato is in the market to make the public aware of its history and its territory rich in symbols, buildings, monuments that express an immediate identity. The third largest city in central Italy by population after Rome and Florence, both of migration flows more dense in the region, has a historical memory full of traditional craftsmanship and industrial. Among the typical products presented wines, biscuits of Prato, the mantovana, peaches, the amaretti of Carmignano.

Even Brianzacque, the public company that manages the industrially integrated water in the Province of Monza and Brianza and North East Milanese, is present in Cascina Triulza to illustrate his model in-house operation, takes care of the entire chain of water: aqueducts, sewers, water treatment.

Sviluppo Campania, a territorial development company of the Campania Region, is present in the market of Cascina Triulza from September 1st to October 31th 2015. Among its activities, the company offers to consumers the QR Code Campania service, that provides information about the health of food products, through a few simple steps to take with your smartphone.

Every week, in Cascina, different companies will alternate and will offer tastings of their products every day from 12.00 to 13.00 and from 18.00 to 19.00. Through tastings, Campania's enterprises have the opportunity to get in touch with millions of visitors in order to enhance and promote the best of their culinary excellence.

This week there are companies: Consorzio Pomodoro S. Marzano, Solania srl, F.lli D'acunzi srl, Coop Agriconserve Rega, Azienda Agricola Tenuta Fontana, Consorzio Melannurca, Giaccio Frutta. Throughout the week there will be a fundraiser to be allocated to companies flooded of Benevento and Province Caritas.

Inside Sicily

With Inside Sicily we can discover the Sicilian innovative enterprises and typical products of pastry, bread and food of a land full of charm, history and culture. A network of companies created specifically to participate in Expo 2015 Milan and promote the internationalization of Sicilian products. See more

Regione Umbria

The Regione Umbria fosters the excellence of its territory, promoting it in the green heart of Cascina Triulza. See more

Villani Salumi

Villani Salumi, sponsor of the restaurant and of the picnic area of Cascina Triulza, features a selection of its food, by quality and sustainability. Since 1886, passion for handicraft. See more

Latteria Soresina

Latteria Soresina shows dairy products of one of the largest cooperatives in the Italian industry.

Giuliano Tartufi

Giuliano Tartufi, reality of excellence in Umbria, offers the truffle specialties: creams, sauces and preparations with truffles. Pure truffles: pate based only truffles, truffles in brine of whole, sliced ​​truffles. Specialties with porcini mushrooms: sauces and preparations made from mushrooms.

Local handicraft and international

Heritage Art House

From India, Heritage Art House provides visitors with artefacts, souvenirs, textiles, accessories. The products, including elephants, owls and statues of deities of Buddha and Ganesh, bring good luck. Visitors can also get a henna tattoo. See more

Aliou Dione Artisan Company

Aliou Dione shows artistic objects from Senegal for interior decor.

Almoutawakel International Trading LTD

From Tunisia, Almoutawakel International Trading LTD produces ceramics, carpets, aviaries, soaps, essential oils and olive wood.

Benin Event Art

Benin Event Art produces necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

Gilo Tye & Dye

In the Gilo Tye & Dye' market, woodworks hand-carved by artisans in Nairobi.

Rift Valley

Rift Valley brings from Kenya decorative object, bags, belts, dresses and drum.

Unique Afrique Handicraft LTD

From Uganda, Unique Afrique Handicraft LTD produces artistic and decorative objects, necklaces and bracelets.