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Leading Players

Cascina Triulza is an international, inclusive pavilion focused on the leading role of citizens, of young people and of all the players, whether public, for profit or not for profit, acting every day in Italy and in the world to give practical responses to increasingly challenging social and environmental problems.

The artistic and cultural programme of the Civil Society Pavilion is an expression of all these entities:

  • Civil Society Organizations (Organizzazioni della Società Civile, OSC), which decided to attend Expo Milano 2015 at the Cascina to exchange insights on the theme “Energies to change the world”.
  • Public Institutions, committed to the sustainable promotion and development of local Territories and Communities.
  • Charity Organizations, which contribute to change through support and social innovation.
  • Large and small businesses that uphold the principles of corporate social responsibility.
  • Social economy experiences and small-scale manufacturers, interested in promoting their products with an eye to quality, the environment and human rights.
  • Citizens, who wish to understand how they can proactively contribute to a new, more equitable and sustainable development model.
  • Young people, wishing to find out about the proposals put forward at the Pavilion and to help disseminate these themes, participating with their own point of view in the activities of Cascina Triulza.
  • Families seeking a welcoming place within Expo Milano 2015, with spaces and services dedicated to children aged 0-12 years, full of excitement, entertainment and areas for relaxing.

Find out about the initiatives and spaces at Cascina Triulza, and all the tools that have been made available to facilitate participation.