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How to participate

Cascina Triulza is one of the largest and most distinctive exhibition spaces of the Universal Exposition.

It is the Pavilion of all the people and organizations who work every day for a sustainable social, environmental and cultural development: from Third Sector networks to public institutions and international organizations, through local manufacturers, responsible businesses and local communities.

It is the Pavilion that centres around the active engagement of citizens and young people.

There are three main ways of participating in the Civil Society Pavilion:

  • by taking part in the calls of ideas promoted by Fondazione Triulza, in collaboration with different partners, to contribute to the development of the artistic and cultural programme of Cascina Triulza
  • by being present in the Pavilion's Market
  • by undertaking sponsorships and partnerships with Fondazione Triulza

Find out about all the participation opportunities and solutions for: