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Heritage Art House

Good luck and friendship. This is the meaning of the products brought from India in the market of Cascina Triulza from Heritage Art House: rosewood, bronze or stone elephants, owls and statues of deities of Buddha and Ganesh. "Our company is based in New Delhi and has a history of 250 years - says Madhu Nath (photo), the company owner's wife -. We have a hundred employees and we export all over the world, from the USA to China , from Australia to Spain and Portugal".

"We have participated at all the Universal Expositions from the one in Montreal in 1967 - continues Madhu Nath - and next year we will go to Turkey. It's the first time that we are in Italy: we decided to come, even if with a small store, because this is a great show".

"All of our items are handmade. Some elephants are special - says Madhu Nath - because inside of the animal is even carved her baby. We have given one of these elephants to the Italian President Mattarella when came to visit the Civil Society Pavilion".

Not only small crafts. At the stand of Art Heritage House there are also jewelry with stones of amethyst, jade and topaz, scarves in silk and wool. And yet, at small price, necklaces in bone , bracelets, key rings. And visitors can also get a henna tattoo. "In India, tattoos are a symbol of good luck - said Madhu Nath - for men but also for women, especially when they have to get married".