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Expo accessible to all

Mobility center stays in Cascina Triulza

Since the pavilion original project, Triulza Foundation worked with all the associations that aim to hep the peolpe with mobility problems. Organisations like Expo helped to get this point helped by the Province and the Municipality of Milan. Thanks to all the organisations now we can see the result of their work available for everyone.

During the Expo period, Cascina Triulza hosted the Mobility center and info mobility in order to attend the peolpe who had a mobility need. Thanks to this service 15.000 eldest with disability issues could join the events and the pavilion activities.

An heritage made by tools and experience is not wasted or gone but improved by the mobility managers. Triulza Foundation, through the disability associations involved in the disability sector, is going to continue its mission working with all the industries that gave life to the Mobility center that will be set in Cascina Triulza. The aim is a joined work on good rules and new and innovative goods aible to give everyone the opporunity to acces the events and the public areas; for instance harbours, tourist accomodations, airport and trade shows.