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Regione Umbria

Sensational Umbria by Steve Mc Curry: This year, The New York Times and The Telegraph have crowned Umbria as the "ideal destination for 2015". In the Cascina, the “Cuore Verde d’Italia” (The Green Heart of Italy) will be presented through the photographic images of the Campaign "Sensational Umbria by Steve Mc Curry". At 2pm on the First of May, as part of the opening ceremony of the Expo, visitors can admire “Venti immagini dell’Umbria” (Twenty images of Umbria) inside the workshop room of the Cascina. These images present the beauty, sensations, colors, art, crafts and landscapes captured by the eye of the great American photographer. Over the six-month period, the images will be alternated at least twice for a total of sixty shots by the artist. For more information click here.


ACRA - CCS: Food Cloud Exhibition is an educational space showing food, its interactions, and transformations. A cloud of words, objects, and concepts, telling stories about food under different perspectives, in order to highlight what id indisa and behind what we eat. For more information click here.


Anteas: the Anteas stand will be a real meeting place, able to stand out from the exhibition context in which it is inserted, for its mode of interaction and able to distinguish itself from the present social reality where human connections and shared experiences often give way to shallow relationsA stand open to all those who believe that social ties are the true wealth of a country and where to get involved to recreate a more just and supportive society. For more information click here.


Artinfiera: ancient works to be rediscovered, places rich in charm, to know and to know how to make artisan and juvenile experimentation they are to the center of the appointment of the association tortonese Artinfiera that participates in the cultural program of Farmhouse Triulza with the project "Earth.Heart.Art", devoted to the love for the art, the craftsmanship and the territory. An installation inside the space espositivo of the Tent of the Civil Society will entertain two young people "ambassadorial", that will involve the public in a trip in the time, among odors, tastes, memoirs and memories to be rediscovered. The craftsmanship and the ancient works become the door of access to a landscape, cultural and historical patrimony to discover: the territories of the tortonese, beginning from the medieval suburb St. Sebastiano Curone, where the association hasreopened the historical shops giving back life to the holds. For more information click here.

Azione contro la Fame

Azione Contro la Fame: our project is an introduction to our mission through an informative run that the visitors can freely follow or together with our team. Our mission is that to save grapevine human eliminating above all the sore of the hunger through the prevention, the individualization and the care of the malnutrition during and after situations of emergencies provoked by conflicts, wars and natural disasters. From the crisis to the sustainable development: our appointment is to eliminate the causes of the malnutrition and their devastating effects. Above all, integrating our programs with the local systems and those national, we assure that the interventions of emergency are turned for a long time into solutions term. For more information click here.

BCC - Banche del Credito Cooperativo

BCC – Banche del Credito Cooperativo: BCC brings to Expo its model of grassroots banking network established throughout Italy. With 370 co-operative mutual banks and about 4,500 branches (over 14% of the industry), they are closely interwoven in the social fabric and involve a considerable amount of human resources (1.200,000 members, 4,000 directors, freely elected by the members; 37,000 employees). From the economic point of view, the BCC have been showing steady growth in: total deposits, now amounting to over 162 billion Euro; loans of up to 150 billion Euro. Federcasse BCC, as the national association, provides overall strategy and policy guidelines, as well as planning and co-ordinating the development of the whole system; trade union representation; managing external relations and coordinating communications. For more information click here.


Confcooperative: Confcooperative is the leading association representing cooperatives in Italy, with 20,000 companies employing 550,000 people, with a turnover of 62 billion Euros. Our cooperatives work in the agribusiness, welfare, credit, employment, housing and utilities, with more than 3.270.000 members. For more information click here.

PLEF - Planet Life Economy Foundation

PLEF - Planet Life Economy Foundation: the concept "to Feed the planet, energies for the life", it implies a new awareness. PLEF promotes her/it favoring the perception that the global change is possible if he finds again sense in the actions that conduct him, riequilibrando the material part of the life, today exaggerated, with that immaterial, sacrificed. The project of PLEF shows through 12 themes as the change of paradigm is possible. For more information click here.

Gruppo Ospedaliero San Donato (GSD) Foundation

Gruppo Ospedaliero San Donato (GSD) Foundation: through the associations with which it collaborates and his/her projects, the GSD Foundation proposes "The hospital of the Future: a new way to take care of." With the humanization of the cares and the Prevention as fulcrum, it intends to introduce his/her scientific excellence and clinic (giving importance to his/her strong territorial presence) together with the didactic activity it turns in Italy and to the foreign countries during humanitarian mission. For more information click here.

La libreria che non c'è & Talent4Rise

La libreria che non c'è & Talent4Rise: Best practices adopted by producers are showed on interactive screens. The project has selected for the wide public some testimonials of the core values promoted by Rise2Up: quality and safety, nutritional education, originality and biodiversity, environmental sustainability, health, web 2.0, internationality, tradition, conservation and innovation. Visitors can vote their favourite videos; the most appreciated will be awarded on the 26th of October at Cascina Triulza. For more information click here.

Lions Clubs International

Lions Club International: Lions develop the topic of Expo by promoting activities in the Civil Society Pavilion through testimonials from the humanitarian. The main themes are food and water availability, food security, health and environment, food waste, nutritional education and sustinable development. For more information click here.

LILT - Lega Italiana per la Lotta contro i Tumori

LILT - Lega Italiana per la Lotta contro i Tumori: LILT offers an in depth cultural analysis on the relationship between eating behavior and physical well-being. It will be represented with different initiatives to the general public, educators, teachers, health care and hospitality workers. For more information click here.

OFTAL - Federation for Transport of sick people to Lourdes

OFTAL (Federation for Transport of sick people to Lourdes): Association of ecclesial charity which organizes pilgrimages to Lourdes and other shrines. The association takes care of sick people before and after the pilgrimage, thanks to the spirit of generosity and service of volunteers, doctors, nurses, priests and religious. OFTAL was born in Piemonte in the 30's from an idea of Bishop Alessandro Rastelli, and it is now widespread in particular in the north - west of Italy and Sardinia.
More than 20,000 people (sick people, volunteers, priests and pilgrims) every year participate in Pilgrimage organized by diocesan bishops. For more information click here.

Fondazione Cariplo

Fondazione Cariplo presents Sun4Water, an innovative portable device powered by a solar panel. Sun4Water processes ~20 liters / hour of polluted freshwater into clean drinking water and delivers extra electricity to charge several mobile phones and LED lamps. One device serves ~50 people at a cost of €1 to €2 per person per year. Sun4Water has been realized with the cooperation of the NGOs: AMREF, AVSI, CAST, CUAMM Medici con l’Africa, LVIA, Mani Tese. s are always offered free of charge via a network of non-profit associations around the world. The participation in EXPO is organized by the Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Sahaja Yoga World Foundation. For more information click here

Islamic Cultural Center Sesto San Giovanni

Islamic Cultural Center Sesto San Giovanni: The evolution of the community led to the large needs of aggregation and worship. The Muslim community of Sesto required not only a mosque but a center where develop interests, expand knowledge, and more. Milan is the economic and financial capital of Italy that welcomes in 2015 the largest international event of Expo: the Islam cultural center of Sesto San Giovanni could not miss the presence in Universal Exposition with a space in Civil Society Pavilion. For more information click here.

Conserve Italia

At Cascina Triulza from September 17th to 30th, the exhibition entitled 'Cirio A history of heart' celebrates 160 years of history of one of the oldest Italian food brands, now owned by the cooperative consortium Conserve Italia Bologna. For more information click here.

ARCS - Arci Cultura e Sviluppo

In our exhibition area visitors can learn about sustainability in a practical way, through the presentation of technologies realized by RESEDA and CIRPS in order to bring drinkable water in Camerun or guaranteeing food security in Cuba. For more information click here.


Gathering best practices and experiences (national/international), evaluate active citizenship on food/nutrition topics, gathering testimonials on site through short videos to be projected live on a LCD screen in the organization’s booth, screening successful initiatives on the territories, live demos. For more information click here.

Erika - Associazione per la lotta ai Disturbi del Comportamento Alimentare (DCA)

Erika - Association for the fight against Eating Disorders (DCA), active for 15 years at the hospital Niguarda, participates in Expo 2015 from 21 to 27 September, in Cascina Triulza, the civil society pavilion, with the awareness campaign "The myth of the perfect body and the relationship with food: changing education and information models to prevent eating disorders and image in young people". Project partner is Area G - the psychological dimension of the young, an association that since 1991 deals with adolescent problems. All week long is planned a first listening point curated by Erika and Area G professionals, while at the center of the campaign will be the conference on September 22th, where will intervene doctors and researchers, analysts, journalists, artists, politicians. For more information click here.