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About Cascina Triulza

Cascina Triulza is the exhibition space dedicated to Civil Society within Expo Milano 2015

Expo Milano 2015 will be the first Universal Exposition with an entire pavilion dedicated to national and international Civil Society: Cascina Triulza, an ancient Lombard rural building located inside the exhibition area. Completely renovated on the occasion of Expo 2015, it will remain as a legacy to the city of Milan after the world event and will continue to be a centre of activity on the themes of food, sustainability and rights.

The pavilion of associations, NGOs and cooperatives

During and after the Universal Exposition, Cascina Triulza will serve as a hub for local and international Civil Society networks. At Cascina Triulza these organizations - from volunteer associations to NGOs, from social enterprises and cooperatives to networks for cooperation to development – will be called on to play a key role. Their participation will be a unique opportunity to give credit to Civil Society, at an international level, for its essential contribution in addressing the great problems of mankind and the planet, working side by side with the communities, proposing innovative solutions, trying to influence the political and economic decisions on issues like food and environmental and social sustainability.

The pavilion of responsible citizens, peoples, territories and enterprises

The exhibition space dedicated and managed by the Civil Society is a uniquely stimulating environment, focused on promoting the active participation and engagement of responsible citizens, peoples, territories and enterprises.

Cascina Triulza is the pavilion of all the people and entities who:

- want a new development model to be built locally, on the basis of the everyday experiences of the men and women who live in each area;

- are committed to protecting the environment, maintaining the cultural heritage and taking care of their community;

- are aware that responsible consumers are the first allies of quality production.

A project shared by the leading Italian Civil Society networks

The Civil Society Pavilion is coordinated and managed by Fondazione Triulza as Non-Official Participant on the basis of the project «EXPlOding Energies to change the world».(link to PDF/page)
Fondazione Triulza is a wide, inclusive network (link to Founders page) comprised of the top 63 Italian Third Sector networks and organizations, different in nature, cultural background and areas of activity, but united by the common objective to build a better world for future generations.

These entities have decided to take on a leading role in Cascina Triulza, in order to give all the other Civil Society organizations, even the smaller ones, the possibility of participating in Expo Milano 2015 with full rights, at the same level as States and international Agencies, with the goal to continue to work together even after 2015.