29 October Oct 2015 1119 3 years ago

Final Opening Party at Cascina Triulza on October 31st

Shows, music, children lab and artists to say goodbye to the World Exhibition

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Ghosts and goblins, witches and wizards, all called up for the last day of Expo, on October 31st from 12 a.m. to night. Young and old, workers and visitors, Cascina Triulza, the civil society pavilion, open to events and festivals to say goodbye to the World Exhibition and to announce the continuation of the structure dedicated to the social and third sector that will continue to work in the service of the city ‚Äč‚Äčeven after October.

Appointment in the courtyard (weather permitting), on stage and in the halls of Cascina with a full program. For children 3-10 years,from 12.00 to 18.00, a special Children Lab with L'Isola che non c'è.

At 16.00 Amadeo, directly from the musical Hair, famous choreographer, will entertain with the Atelier "Let the life shine". Workshops open and free for all ages and all abilities.

Rossella Spinosa and the Solisti Lombardi await the audience in the auditorium at 12.00 for "CineConcerto in collaboration with the Great Silent Movie Festival": screening of "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" (silent movie of 1912) and "Odyssey" (silent movie of 1911). Music by Rossella Spinosa, performed by I Solisti Lombardi.

PLEF - Planet Life Economy Foundation will participate with the association Sul Filo dell'arte that will bring an installation and a workshop open to all in the courtyard, from 12 to 18.

The stage will be filled by a special edition of the festival Startartist with Virginia Pasini from 14.30; Trio jazz pop.

At 15:30 the future of Cascina Triulza will be inaugurated with a flash mob: the organizations that are part of Fondazione Triulza, the staff and the volunteers of the Civil Society Pavilion will surround the Auditorium to embrace the place that more than any other has captured in recent months the contents and values of the "true soul of Expo".

At 16.00 animation and procession with Forum Città Mondo, ethnic youth crew: the dance group Ecuadorian Son y Tambor (Terra Caliente Association), the group of ACBI Bolivian Association, the dance group of the community of Srilanka Ballet. On the stage ballet with the Umbria Region and the harmonic relations of The Residences of Art in Ferentillo.

At 17.00 Giorgio Consoli take a reading of poems and songs with "The market hunger: modest proposals".

At 19.00 space to the chorus: with Agedo Checcoro the LGBT Choir of Milan, and Coro Moro.

Followed by the concert of the Via Padova Orchestra, a reality almost unique in the Italian music scene.

Afterwards, DJ sets until late at night with Davide Facchini of Radio Popolare.