18 October Oct 2015 1144 3 years ago

Gala of Italian excellence

ANP CV and FICC conclude the five evenings proposals Expo in Cascina Triulza

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The Association of Cardiovascular Prevention and the Italian Federation of the Calabresi Circles conclude the five evenings proposals Expo in Cascina Triulza; the next evening of October 28 is the day of the organizational CODME.

This committee represents at least three associations, will increase as a result, and works to create a new lifestyle of the Mediterranean peoples. In fact, the Mediterranean diet, one classical, one tested in Nicotera from 1957 to 1960 and which was the Pilot Project, has never been fully implemented; instead around the world came the fast-food and with them the sophistication, which helped to increase the large neoplastic diseases and cardiovascular diseases, not only in industrialized countries but also in the south, including the territory of Nicotera.

For the first time and at the end of his life is organized on Sunday 18 Triulza in Cascina, in the Expo Hall of the Civil Society; There will be an event of culture, science, art and folklore; a cross-section of great effect. Some Mayors from Calabria, including the lawyer Franco Pagano, Mayor of Nicotera (Pilot Project of Ancel Keys), which will highlight their products in the basket of the Mediterranean diet; prof. Richichi will explain the purpose of his book to use food to improve health; It will follow a debate-confrontation to define indications behavioral and social to be applied in everyday life.