13 October Oct 2015 2000 3 years ago

Germany wins the Giro Giro Mondo Pavilion Championship

The final at Cascina Triulza, Pavilion of the Civic Society at Expo Milano 2015

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The Pavilion of Germany won the Giro Giro Mondo Pavilion Championship, the game promoted by Cascina Triulza to involve the various Pavilions of Expo 2015 to come closer and learn each other about cultures, traditions and experiences of different countries.

The final was held yesterday, October 12, in the Pavilion of the Civil Society.

21 Pavilions involved between July and October: Colombia, Ethiopia, Kenya, USA, France, Russia, Germany, Nepal, Bahrain, Angola, Venezuela, Germany, Ecuador, Vietnam, Spain, England, Indonesia, Lithuania, Madagascar, Thailand, Bangladesh.

The championship was conceived and organized by CreativaMente, Italian company's creative educational games.

Pictured with the winning team Felice Romeo, Triulza Foundation adviser, who delivers the certificate.