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The day of Good Culture - ANCI Expo - September 28, 2015

At Cascina Triulza between oil, Mediterranean diet and the unique taste of the truffle

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A day that tells the culture of a country unique in its differences, through the lands of Sicily, with the flavors of the Val Demon, the oil city of Molise, the beauty of the Sorrento peninsula and the unique taste of the truffle narrated by the City truffle. This is the content of the fifth day promoted by ANCI for Expo to be held in Cascina Triulza Monday, September 28.
Among the many events of the day, we start at 10 with the association Città dell’olio that will be featured along the roads of the historical re-enactment in medieval costumes, accompanied by the sound of bagpipes, flutes and tamborre.
There is talk of Sicily and the Mediterranean diet at 10 in the auditorium of Cascina Triulza. It will be possible for the public to see the documentary film The garden of the gods, to be followed by a meeting on the products of the Mediterranean diet, such as wheat ancient Sicilian, and the research project on the impact of the healthy local food kept by Cohort Wellness Val Demon.
Space to taste, to 10.30 in room 50 workshops, with the association Città del tartufo that collects eleven regions and 50 cities that produce the precious fungus. In addition to the calendar of events related to the truffle season, the association will present to the public a sensory laboratory truffles, with participants engaged, through manipulation and senses, to recognize the quality of the precious fungus. Followed by a guided tasting with the opportunity to sample the many products coming from the land of truffles.
From 13 to 15, in the auditorium of Cascina Triulza held the conference Truffle: 'product' cultural environment in which the association will take the path in the request for nomination to UNESCO for recognition of the culture of the truffle as intangible heritage of ' humanity. The association will also present a show dedicated to the manufacture of equipment for the quarrying of the nose and the bagpipes, from 14 in the court of Cascina Triulza. The appointment with the truffle and its culture will close with a performance, from 16, the group Cantamaggio The Municipality of Fabro.
In the afternoon the appointment with the Association of Oil City in that auditorium, starting at 15, will hold a meeting on the history of oil, from Molise with the bread and wine, the smell of fresh oil. The production of olive oil in the ancient Mediterranean, by Efrain Venafro, through Gethsemane.
The closure of the day will be entrusted to the Sorrento peninsula, that will tell the path taken to a sustainable tourism. In this case the appointment is from 18 to 20, in Room Workshop 50, with a meeting Food tourism: a possible challenge. Resources and communities of Sorrento Peninsula in the past and in the future: two centuries of good tourist culture.