24 September Sep 2015 1650 3 years ago

At the service of youth: the Piazza dei Mestieri model in Turin, Catania, in the world

A social enterprise told through the young in Cascina Triulza

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On Friday September 25 in the Civil Society Pavilion, Cascina Triulza, Camilla Morino, hairdresser, Thomas Ignazi, baker, Alex Patrascu, graphic, Angelo Pisano, chef, will dialogue with Cristiana Poggio, vice president of the Piazza dei Mestieri Foundation.

Piazza dei Mestieri has chosen to entrust to four young alumni, the story of a complex reality to tell, that each year makes an important contribution to the training of hundreds of young people.

Piazza dei Mestieri is much more of a vocational school, it is a social enterprise, a cooperative with bussiness units that produce and sell beer, chocolate and baked goods - now also on the shelves of Eataly; while next to the classrooms are active a pub and a restaurant.