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Italian recipes with foreigner food for integration

On 24th September the Minister Giuliano Poletti in Cascina Triulza with Gualtiero Marchesi

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Minister of Labour and Social Policy Giuliano Poletti

It will take place on September 24th 2015, from 15:30 to 18:00, at the Cascina Triulza EXPO Milano 2015 conference entitled Italian Recipes for integration, organized by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, in collaboration with Italian Job SpA.

The work will be introduced by the Minister of Labour and Social Policy Giuliano Poletti that will reflect on the many connections between food, work, culture and development, with particular reference to the sector as a vehicle for creating new jobs and new business experience.

The event will present the research developed CENSIS "Eating habits and business adventures of Italian and immigrants" dedicated to food as a vehicle for integration, economic growth, employment and co-development. The study, described by Prof. Giuseppe De Rita, describes the relationship between the food and the integration of different perspectives: the food as a vehicle of contamination and knowledge, economic growth and employment, an example of successful business.

The chef Gualtiero Marchesi will explain the universal dimension of cooking, able to express the synthesis of differences.

Roberto Perrone will moderate the debate "Multiple identities, work and internationalization" with the participation of: Chen Ming, a member dell'ANGI New Generation Italo Chinese; Diaria Suleman, founder of the social cooperative of bio-yogurt Barikamà; PetrovaRadoslava, founder of "Bio and sea", the first Italian fishing cooperative for women; Ranasinghe Damian, owner of the chain restaurant Soho; and the writer Gino Luka, author of a collection of recipes Italo-Albanian.

The session of the work will be closed by dr. Paolo Pennesi, Secretary General of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy.