23 September Sep 2015 1032 3 years ago

Former President of Uruguay Mujica visiting Cascina Triulza

"The civil society organizations only make sense if they maintain their independence"

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The former president of Uruguay, Josè Alberto Mujica, returned to Milan Expo 2015 for a visit in Cascina Triulza, the Civil Society Pavilion. Mujica, a former guerrilla fighter against the dictatorship of his country, yesterday received a delegation from the Civil Society Pavilion during a private visit at Italy Pavilion.

"The work done in the Pavilion of civil society is precious - he said - and not just for the Expo, but also for the future, when the lights of the Exposition will be turned off". "These organizations are very vital, and it is absolutely important that they maintain their independence and not become bureaucratic agencies, that instead of helping people, speculate about them. All this has to be monitored to ensure that does not happen."

Mujica indicated that Cascina Triulza and its positive experience in Expo should represent an example for all organizations operating in civil society: "The important thing is that the work done by the associations should allow citizens to provide for themselves autonomously".

Mujica, "the poorest president in the world", as defined, fought the dictatorship in his country and has been detained for over 12 years. During his private visit in Expo signed copies of his latest book "Happiness in power", which reflects the role of the family as the engine of society and the meaning of freedom as a value essential for all mankind.