16 September Sep 2015 1708 3 years ago

The Civil Service: school for young people and hotbed of employment

One out of three has found a job in social cooperatives

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Are you looking for the social cooperators of the future? Find them among young people of the Civil Service. Since 2001 thousand of young people have chosen to take a challenge to dedicate a year of their life at the service of the neighbor. For 350.000 young people Civil Service is not only a very important experience of life but also a job opportunity.

"At the end of the service one out of the three of them find a permanent job in our social cooperatives" says Giuseppe Guerini, President of Federsolidarietà Confcooperative, at the workshop organized in Cascina Triulza about the issues of job and young's future.

Some of the speakers are Raffaele M. De Cicco, Coordinator of Ufficio Servizio Civile Nazionale; Fabio Chiacchiararelli, Consulta Nazionale Servizio Civile–CNESC e Andrea Fora, Federsolidarietà-Confcooperative Vice President and On. Luigi Bobba, who is working to reform the Third Sector. Italian Government is reforming the Civil Service to allow to 100.000 young people to make this experience.

This year 800 young people have chosen social cooperatives for their Civil Service, and some of them are making an effort in Cascina Triulza, the Pavillion of Civil Society of Expo Milano 2015. The Civil Service is a very importan instrument to allow the young people to living a year in close contact to the projects of solidarity.