16 September Sep 2015 1711 3 years ago

Cascina Triulza takes part to the annual event Cascine Aperte

Cascina Triulza organizes guided tours on the occasion of the initiative dedicated to countryhouses

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Cascina Triulza takes part to this year's edition of Cascine Aperte, the initiative promoted by Associazione Cascine Milano. On september 19-20, Cascina Triulza can be visited in a guided tour, in order to discover its architecture and history. Each tour starts at 19:00, visitors should gather at the Infopoint of Cascina Triulza.

Throughout the last years, a new awareness on urban and close-to-city countryhouses has risen: people recognise their value and managers appraise such extraordinary places. This is possible thanks to the cooperation among farmers, cultural associations, and local institutions, who spend their energies to safeguard countryhouses.

Associazione Cascine Milano, promoter of the initiative Cascine Aperte - in partnership with Consorzio Distretto Agricolo Milanese - aims at the improvement of knowledge and interest on topics such as agriculture and the requalification of countryhouses which, absorbed by the urban pattern, have often been turned into cultural attractions.

This weekend gives visitors the chance to discover Milan and its origins, and to meet those who take care of our artistic heritage. The map of countryhouses taking part to the initiative can be found here.