16 September Sep 2015 1637 3 years ago

Beauty without wasting with I Provenzali

In Civil Society Pavilion created a mosaic of 21,800 natural soaps in favor of Emergency

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100% natural cosmetics made without affecting valuable food resources: this is the project that I Provenzali presented today in EXPO 2015 at the event "From waste to resource. Here's what we thought" organized for the 50th anniversary.

"How does a company do to progress, improve business, produce positive results? It needs a capacity of vision able to accommodate the needs, consider them for their business, to translate them into action - said Paolo Bassetti, partner and owner of Saponifico Gianasso - in this area includes projects we are about to launch, and in addition to actions we have taken in years: from the use of organic ingredients to the maximum care of the supply chain, from the choice of ecological packaging, recycled and recyclable to reduce emissions of CO2 through the use of photovoltaic systems and the rationalization of logistics, for example".

In addition, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Company, a mosaic of 21,800 bars of soap was created in the Pavilion court with the help of volunteers of Emergency: soaps will be donated to the association for sale and finance Italian Program of Emergency.