15 September Sep 2015 0949 3 years ago

Cascina Triulza 'Guiding light' for Italian third sector even after Expo

Cariplo Foundation and the City of Milan about the future of the Civil Society Pavilion

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"We want 'After Expo' to be a continuation of the World Exhibition and a piece for the revitalization of the country. In all the projects that are becoming reality, everyone has provided Cascina Triulza remains and continues to be a point of reference, not only for Milan, but also nationally and internationally". These are the words of Giuliano Pisapia, mayor of Milan, about the future of Civil Society pavilion at Expo Milano 2015.

An institutional reassurance strengthened by the meeting of Bank Foundations gathered in Cascina Triulza. President of Fondazione Cariplo, Giuseppe Guzzetti, who supported and financed the project of Cascina Triulza Pavilion, is on the same line of the mayor: "It will remain as a central point of reference for the most avant-garde projects in third sector".

The meeting took place on the occasion of the subscribing of the Charter of Milan, signed by Acre (the association of the banking foundations) in the presence of President of the Foundation Triulza Sergio Silvotti and Vice President of the Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition, Luca Virginio who raised the contents of the Protocol of Milan launched by the Foundation Barilla.