11 September Sep 2015 2229 3 years ago

The Wall live show at Expo 2015

The remake of the famous Pink Floyd's rock show on stage at Cascina Triulza on September 12

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Saturday, September 12 at 20.30 on the stage of Civil Society Pavilion at Expo 2015 "The Wall live show", remake of the famous Pink Floyd's rock show, on the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of the eponymous album. The ambitious artistic proposal involves 15 young artists, with the support of Ergolab, social enterprise specializing in textile printing and supplying of graphics equipment with zero environmental impact in collaboration with Perla Nera cooperative. Ergolab is also technical partner of Cascina Triulza.

Protagonists of the event will be the singer and guitarist Nick Baracchi and Jolly Roger band, an historic partner of numerous artistic synergies since 200. Thanks to their talent will revive the concept, music and set design of one of the most important albums in rock history.