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The sea and its biodiversity: a week dedicated to fishing

Federcoopesca in Cascina Triulza to promote sustainable consumption and production

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Fishing: Federcoopesca from September 7 to 13 in Cascina Triulza - Expo 2015 to promote sustainable consumption and production

Raise awareness and promote the national fish production, the supply chains and provide guidance for responsible consumption. These will be the themes that will characterize September 7 to 13 the presence of Federcoopesca to Expo Milano, at the exhibition space of Confcooperative within Cascina Triulza, the International Pavilion dedicated to Civil Society and Social Economy, which is also Confcooperative Official Sponsor.

There will also be a communication addressed to children to help them navigate the rich flora and fauna of the seas and lakes Italian. During the week will be screened also the trailer of the documentary "Fisheat: Food from the sea, food to love", whose official launch is scheduled for next September 21 in the Expo.

Fisheries told not only for images. September 11 to 13 are provided for tasting freshwater fish product made from the production of the cooperative "Lake Vivo" Bolsena. The tastings will be from 11:00 to 12:00 and from 16:00 to 17:00.

Federcoopesca is the federation of Confcooperative reference for fisheries and aquaculture. The federation associate producers cooperatives, research, processing and marketing: 472 member cooperatives; about 8,000 people employed; 13,000 members and an overall turnover of the member farmers of 450 million euros. www.federcoopesca.it