31 August Aug 2015 1517 3 years ago

The soccer team of Cascina Triulza participates in the Expo World Championship whit solidarity initiatives

Fairtrade balls signed by former football champions will be donated to charity and 2,000 water bottles given away to players of the tournament

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The soccer team of Cascina Triulza, Civil Society Pavilion at Expo 2015, plays in the sign of the solidarity. The players, in agreement with the direction of the pavilion, decided to participate in ExpoMondiali with a charitable purpose. These days some former football champions as Maurizio Ganz (Fc Inter Milan, Ac MilanI) and Daniele Massaro (Ac Milan) have already signed balls donated by Fairtrade Italy, and soon will join other famous footballers. Once filled with autographs, the balloons will be donated to charities. Along with Cap Holding, Cascina Triulza also donated 2 thousand bottles to quench players-workers of Expo that will play in the championship, using the water of public water houses. In the team of Cascina Triulza, also, there is space for everyone: in the lineup there is a young footballer, Valeria.

The balloons for the solidarity were donated by Fairtrade Italy, are hand-sewn in Pakistan in companies representing some 6,700 workers. The international certification ensures that workers are guaranteed decent working conditions and have their wages paid at least the minimum set by law, offering families the opportunity to send their children to school and improve their lives. With Fairtrade workers benefit from services such as setting up a mobile clinic to serve the health of the villagers, a factory outlet with basic necessities at low prices, collective bus carrying et others.
Much of the balls present in our markets come from Pakistan, India, China and Indonesia, and are sewn by hand by workers often forced to work in harsh conditions.