28 July Jul 2015 1239 3 years ago

Food Act: the recipe to value the Italian cooking

In Cascina Triulza 40 chefs in comparison with Ministers Martina, Giannini and Franceschini

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A 10-point action plan to value the Italian cooking in the world. This is the Food Act presented in Cascina Triulza, the Civil Society pavilion, where the 40 best Italian chefs have met, during the second forum on the Italian cooking, the Minister for Agriculture Maurizio Martina, the Minister for Heritage and Cultural Activities Dario Franceschini, and the Minister for Education Stefania Giannini.

Close to the promotion of italian excellences, the Food Act aims to strengthen the distribution of Italian quality products, especially in foreign countries, and to strengthen training for haute cooking.

"For the first time the Italian government makes a concrete and very much appreciated by Italian chefs step", said Martina.

Also in tourism there is the commitment of the Minister Franceschini: "I will see that the great centers of italian culture - said after the meeting - which require large restaurants and cafes have the excellence of Italian cooking".