21 July Jul 2015 1241 3 years ago

SIAE free music with Patamu, Arci Milan and Triulza Foundation

Cascina Triulza hosts the startup that is revolutionizing the copyright

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We talk about copyright on July 30th in Cascina Triulza, the Civil Society Pavilion of Expo Milano 2015, with Adriano Bonforti, founder of the platform for artists protection Patamu.com, Federico A. Amico, head of the national Arci culture and Felice Romeo, counselor of the Triulza Foundation. The aim is to sensitize not only musicians, but also experts and owners of clubs used for music and live events.

Thanks to the new Patamu service, PatamuLIVE, all artists performing will collect directly and entirely their copyright fees without commercial mediation.

"The fact that a start-up as Patamu was invited to the Expo from reality as ARCI and Cascina Triulza, that are always careful to art and culture" - said Adriano Bonforti - "is very important because this allows us to carry to the World Exhibition an innovation for Italy".