14 July Jul 2015 1243 3 years ago

The cooperative way to the Milan Card

Confcooperative presents in Cascina Triulza proposals to reduce to zero the hunger in the world

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The Italian and international cooperatives to fight hunger in the world with a document of proposals presented on July 14th in Cascina Triulza at the conference dedicated to sustainable agriculture 'Co-operatives: Empowering people for sustainable development and zero hunger', organized by Confcooperative Nazionale.

For sustainable globalization we need more cooperation. The challenge is not only how to ensure food security, but how to do it in a sustainable way. Cooperatives are already an answer to the challenges of the coming decades: in food farming, in welfare, in credit, in work, in personal services and territory.

Cooperative enterprises are able to provide to farmers an organized model, based on values and principles that ensure: democratic control of the enterprise, scale economies, sustainability.