4 July Jul 2015 2236 3 years ago

Solar cookers for Haiti: clean energy at no cost

AFN Onlus presents in Cascina Triulza the project "Solar Cookers for Mont-Organisé"

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A response to the problems of developing countries. At the conference "Solar Cookers, an answer to the problems of developing countries", AFNonlus presented, Saturday July 4th, in Cascina Triulza the project "Solar Cookers for Mont-Organisé". The idea will be developed in Haiti, before being exported to all needy areas of the world where AFNonlus works, starting from Africa and Asia.

The goal of the project is to provide a technological product with zero impact, to reduce the use of dry wood, and especially the green wood (which releases air pollutants), currently used by the majority of the Haitian people to cook. The solar cookers are equipped with a technology very simple, easy to maintain and the construction and assembly do not require skilled labor: it is possible, in fact, learn how to build kitchens with materials found locally, reducing not only the cost of shipping but also the use of qualified technical personnel, encouraging the easy dissemination to the community.

The project "Solar Cookers for Mont-Organisé" includes the development of a device based on a concentrated solar through a lens, solar energy is transformed into heat energy that is stored in a 'thermal battery'.

The project was designed and implemented in collaboration with PACNE (Action Contre la Pauvreté du Nord Est), National Agency for Microcredit, Department of Agriculture of the University of Naples Federico II and Tesla IA srl.