4 July Jul 2015 1924 3 years ago

Linking technology and psychology: feeding the mind, energy for life

The first appointment of the European Congress of Psychology is in Cascina Triulza

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July, 6th, from 10.00 am at 1.00 pm, at Cascina Triulza - Civil Society Pavillion EXPO 2015, a debate will take place on "The contribution of Psychology for: Feeding the Planet, Enery for Life" under the auspices of the EFPA, the INPA and the 14th European Congress of Psychology. Prof. Gian Vittorio Caprara, President of the Scientific Commitee of ECP 2015, will introduce the following renown scholars:

1. “Serving Humanity”, Prof. Saths Cooper;

2. “Psychology between Health Promotion and Citizenship’s Rights”, Prof. Fabio Lucidi;

3. “Connecting the collective to the individual: An essential step in solving human problems and promoting development”, Prof. Robert A. Roe;

4. “Sustainable well-being and Dignity”, Prof. José Maria Peiró;

5. “Dealing with Social Change: Individual Strength and Contextual Opportunity”, Prof. Rainer Silbereisen;

6. “Nurturing the best in Human beings”, Prof. Philip Zimbardo

The evnt will be opened by prof. Enzo Grossi, Member of the Scientific Committeeof the Italian Pavillion and of the Committee "Universities for EXPO 2015".