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Giro Giro Mondo Pavilions’ Championship" - All together in Expo 2015

The first tournament uniting Expo pavilions under the flag of friendship takes place in Cascina Triulza

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The first official tournament of Giro Giro Mondo takes place in Cascina Triulza, starting on July the 7th. The game aims at connecting people from all over the world in an experience of frienship.

The Civil Society Pavilion, along with CreativaMente, an Italian company which produces educational games, celebrates the International Friendship Day, proclaimed in 2011 by the United Nations General Assembly.

Aim of the game is travelling to know new friends: the winner is the first player who makes three friends in three continents different from his own, and comes back home giving the hospitality back. Making frinds is easy: one has to “travel” to a new county more than once. To travel, players have to pass a test, in order to be awarded with a “ticket” to a destination. These tests give participants the possibility to find out peculiarities of foreign countries, such as typical recipes, the higher mountains, the most populous countries. “Jolly” cards enrich the game with unexpected events, positive or negative, like strikes, private flights, insurances… and the change to travel with someone else’s ticket!

The tournament has eliminatory rounds, leading to the final game and to the crowning of the first GIRO GIRO MONDO Expo 2015 Pavillions’ Championship winner.

Many pavilions have already registered: Angola, Bahrain, Colombia, Ecuador, Ethiopia, the Russian Federation, France, Germany, Ireland, Kenya, Mexic, the United Kingdom, Spain, Venezuela and Vietnam.

Giro Giro Mondo is a trip around the world through fun and knowledge, created for children, but also for families, as well as adults, as it is useful to deepen one’s knowledge and develop intercultural respect. The idea of a tournament involving Expo Pavilions as main players brings an essential message of sharing and respect for other cultures.

Each participating country/pavilion has to bring a typical object, a “dowry of participation” representing not only the country, but also the intent of creating a symbolic link among cultures, different but yet united under the flag of reciprocal solidarity.

The first 3 rounds take place on July, 7th at 12:00, 14.30, 17.00. Registration is open to pavilions willing to participate.