26 June Jun 2015 1752 3 years ago

From Civil Society the idea of a fund to help the migrants overcoming the emergency

The Lombard forum of third sector launches an appeal for a concrete help

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The Forum of the Third Sector of the Lombardy, together with some organizations of the social sector and supported by City of Milan, has launched in Cascina Triulza, Civil Society Pavilion of Expo Milano 2015, an appeal to the institutions, to the enterprises and the citizens to handle in human and dignified way the migratory phenomenon, instead of consider it an emergency. With a concrete proposal: the Fund Comunità Solidale, with technical support of Banca Etica, to which all can contribute with money.

Have announced the constitution of the Fund Don Virginio Colmegna, president of Casa della Carità and Sergio Silvotti, President of Foundation Triulza and spokesman of the Forum of the Third Sector Lombardy, with Marco Granelli, town councillor at Local Police, social cohesion, Public Security.

Undersigned the appeal the Mayor of Milan Giuliano Pisapia and Giuseppe Sala, Delegate Commissioner of the Government for Expo Milano 2015.

The appeal can be downaded to the followin link: http://www.lombardia.forumterzosettore.it/page.asp?menu1=3&notizia=167

The number of current account for the Comunità Accogliente Fund is: IT24F0501801600000000218066.

Adhesions: Forum del Terzo Settore – Lombardia; ACLI Lombardia; ACLI Milano; Agesci Lombardia; AiBi; Anfaa; ANTEAS Lombardia; Arci; Arci Lombardia; Arci Milano; Associazione San Vincenzo de Paoli; AUSER Lombardia; AVAL – Associazione Volontari Aclisti Lombardia; Casa della Carità; Civitas; CNCA Lombardia; Compagnia delle Opere Lombardia; FAP Lombardia; Federsolidarietà ConfCooperative Lombardia; Fondazione Banco Alimentare ONLUS; Forum territoriale del Terzo Settore della Valle Camonica; Forum territoriale del Terzo Settore di Milano; Ledha; Legacoop Lombardia; Società Nazionale di Mutuo Soccorso Cesare Pozzo.