25 June Jun 2015 1159 3 years ago

Sustainability, there are artists who teach to respect nature

The work of Elena Milani "Leaf - Breath of the Earth" inaugurated in Cascina Triulza

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A lung-leaf, made of a birch tree, as a symbol of respect for nature. This is the work "Leaf - Breath of the Earth" by the young artist from Valtellina Elena Milani, graduated from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, inaugurated in Cascina Triulza June 25th 2015, during the Land Art Day. The work has won the "Cascina Triulza Award" and the international Call "Land Art in Cascina" and it will remain on display throughout the months of the Worl Exhibition. "Cascina Triulza is a place where you can breathe - says Chiara Pennasi, Director of the third sector Pavilion - and so I am glad this work have won the Call and that the author is a young woman."

The Art in Cascina Association that promotes development projects of Land Art in Italy, participates in Expo 2015 with the support of AzzeroCO2 presenting five artists who won the International Call launched in partnership with Triulza Foundation. "The winning works - explains Marcello Donini, President of Art in Cascina Association - will offer an opportunity to approach and get involved in this innovative and always surprising art form that uses materials such as branches, wood, straw, stones, for realization of installations and works included in nature".

Other winners selected in the section "Park Awards", Flavio Da Rold and Giorgio Vazza, Marco Nones, Opla+ (Giorgio Chiarello and Marco Pasian), Sofia Rossetti, will participating between mid-June and early July 2015 with their works in four very significant locations on the nature and environment level: in Vanzago WWF Wood, in Milan Wood in the City managed by Italia Nostra Milano Nord in Cascina San Romano, in the Ticino and Lake Maggiore Park in Villa Picchetta and in the Agrarian School of Monza Park in Cascina Frutteto.